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The Location…

The Villa Irina Mykonos vacation home complex can be found at Ftelia, a region in the northern central part of Mykonos that hosts the homonymous beach, which is one of the most impressive on the island and it is framed by three other smaller beaches.

Just five minutes away from the largest Mykonian village, Ano Mera, and fifteen minutes away from Mykonos Town, which is the capital of the island. vacation home c

Ftelia Beach

the complex data...

Mykonos Vacation Home Complex is built amphitheatrically on a hillside in the center of the bay just 600 meters from the Ftelia beach seafront with a magnificent view.

The whole construction offers wind protection and the lush garden embraces the building which is made of natural materials, such as stone and wood and as expected, it is in complete harmony with the environment.

It provides all the necessary amenities and guests can cook in the fully equipped kitchens of each apartment, enjoy their food on the terrace reflecting the blue sea, or admire the unique sunset while enjoying a drink in the pool, as the cool meltemi wind brings them in harmony with nature.

The View

The sport challenge…

But apart from the natural beauty of the landscape, Ftelia beach is world famous because it is part of a world-renowned meeting place for avid surfers and kiters, as it brings a great deal of difficulty and is a challenge for water sports experts.

The Breeze

Why choose us!!!

Mykonos Vacation Home Complex is an excellent choice for groups, families or friends who have decided to spend a joint vacation in Mykonos.
Why is that?
It is because it consists of three independent apartments that extend over two uneven cornices and all have independent entrance, which offers the necessary privacy.
Luxury apartment Nefeli, 190 m2, located on the upper level,
luxury apartment Danae, 90 m2 located on the lower level, and
luxury apartment Myrto 25 m2, also located on the lower level.

The common pool is also located at the lower level.

The flexibility of Villa Irina Complex is that the apartments can be booked as one accommodation or independently and can host at the same time a family in Nefeli and a couple in Myrto.

It is this versatility that makes Villa Irina such a popular vacation house.

Our Hospitality

Mykonos Vacation Home Complex

Free services

Fast Wi-Fi Internet Access

Our facility is equiped with fast internet access.

Private Parking

If you rent a car, bike or ATV, free parking is available for all our visitors, inside the premises.

The Villa

Mykonos Vacation Home Complex

Ideal for large groups and families

Prices start from 727€ per night

13 Sleeps

6 bedrooms

6 bathrooms

305 m2

Nefeli Luxury Apartment

Ideal for groups and families

Prices start from 349€ per night

6 Sleeps

3 bedrooms

3 bathrooms

190 m2

Danae Luxury Apartment

Ideal for families

Prices start from 249€ per night

5 Sleeps

2 bedrooms

2 bathrooms

90 m2

Myrto Luxury Apartment

Ideal for couples

Prices start from 129€ per night

2 Sleeps

1 bedrooms

1 bathrooms

40 m2

Villa Irina Mykonos

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